September 19th: SACC-Georgia thanks Jeremie Kubicek for an interesting and successful Speaker Series Event!

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We would like to thank Jeremie Kubicek, President & CEO of GiANT Partners and the author of best-selling books “Leadership is Dead” and “Making Your Leadership Come Alive”, along with everybody who attended the SACC-Georgia Speaker Series Event on Wednesday (19/09/2012) at Ri Ra Irish Pub & Restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. Jeremie presented his book, talked about how to build up a truly new generation of business visionaries, what good leadership entails and how staying humble as a manager is the best solution for your business to prosper. Please click on the image below for more pictures taken from the event.

We hope that everybody that attended enjoyed the event. Check out upcoming events for more opportunities to attend cultural and professional events by SACC-Georgia!

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