SACC-Georgia Event Pictures: Luncheon with Swedish Parliament member Göran Montan – May 30th

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Friday May 30th, SACC-Georgia arrange a Luncheon with the Swedish Parliament Member Göran Montan, at the Georgia State Capitol.
Members of SACC-Georgia got a unique opportunity to attend a guided tour of the Capitol and a VIP reception with Mr. Göran Montan, the Honorary Consul of Sweden in Georgia Mr. Mikael Norin, and other legislators prior to the luncheon.
Sweden and the other Nordic countries were declared by the Economist Magazine to be the best governed countries in the world.
Göran Montan, Member of the Moderate Party in the Swedish Parliament, told the story of the resurgence of the non-socialist, moderate, center-right party and how they dealt with and avoided the financial meltdown that overwhelmed most other European Countries.  
To see Pictures from the event please click this link    
SACC-Georgia staff with Göran Montan and his political advisor Leo VIP Reception Mr. Göran Montan together with his collegue and the Honorary Consul of Sweden Mr. Mikael NorinVIP Reception VIP tour of the Georgia State Capitol 10363870_10152094109061960_1020317072644641271_nVIP tour of the Georgia State Capitol10411324_10152094105531960_5255604802604212593_n10389723_10152094106251960_4446810710880925734_n10351959_10152094105496960_7290325920292137779_n10351232_10152094108106960_580242189598306252_nMr. Göran Montan Mr. Göran Montan Mr. Göran Montan gets a honorary citizenship of the State of GeorgiaSACC-Georgia Board members Tom Rosseland and Gary Bruce 10384819_10152094101406960_7482815283434036301_n10296563_10152094102086960_2972290654995749852_n
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