Member feature: Paramount Transportation Systems

ACC-GA member since 2015

Interview with Robert Cormier
Group Director, Strategic Development

Tell us a bit about yourself and Paramount!
I’m the Group Director for Strategic Development at Paramount. I’ve been
with Paramount in the U.S. for just over four years and I’m based in Raleigh, NC.
I’ve been in the relocating and moving industry for 27 years and lived overseas for
19 of those years; in Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. I’ve also
lived in Boston, and in California for five years.

Paramount has its headquarters in San Diego, CA and was established in 1996.
The organization has steadily grown since, from one location in San Diego to
locations all over the key cities in the U.S. and Canada and a newly established
office in Mexico. We also have large operations in Germany and Singapore. The
company is currently moving over 40,000 international moves per year, which
makes Paramount the largest international moving corporation in terms of
moving volume. We’re growing rapidly and have a close relationship with the
largest airline companies in the U.S. For the last six years, the focus has also been
on domestic moving services that doesn’t require moving with airlines on the
request of our corporate clients.

Why did Paramount join the chamber?
Sweden is one of the markets we feel is underserved. There’s no relocation
firm that focuses on Swedish relocations and we therefore felt that we should get
more involved in this market. I met Sara Henriksson (Executive Director at the time)
at an event held by the German Chamber and she introduced me to the
Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce-Georgia.

Which was the latest event you attended held by the chamber?
I attended Sweden Day and the Golf Tournament last year. I also visited Sweden House
in D.C. and SACC Summit 2017.

What trends do you see in the logistics industry?
We see a change in the allowances that companies are offering for their moves, it’s
a combination of cost and the environment. Younger customers that are
relocating don’t move a lot of furniture which means that we have to adapt to the
shipment allowance.

Which opportunities does this create for Paramount?
Our operations aren’t large, with around 200 employees, which make us able to
adapt to this change by changing our structure. We are utilizing our partner network
and it doesn’t affect our cost structure.

We’re investing a lot in technology systems, such as apps and electronical applications.
This makes it easier for the younger generation to communicate. We are also capable
to do video surveys to determine how much weight and volume our customers need to
ship, which means that we don’t actually have to go to our customers’ homes.

SACC-GA welcomes Linn to the team


What do you look forward to the most?
I really look forward to experiencing the southern culture. My previous studies in the US increased my interest for international business, so I am looking forward to arranging networking events to build bridges between Swedish and American business.

What will you bring to your position and SACC-GA?
Previous experience in event planning and marketing from my engagement in a non-profit student organization gave me organizational skills that I hope will be useful in my position as event and marketing coordinator. I will also bring a creative mindset to the chamber with lots of ideas for networking opportunities.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
During my time at SACC-GA, I am hoping to gain insight in how to conduct business in the US and to learn more about the American culture.

Tell us a little about yourself!
I am originally from Linköping in Sweden and I hold a BSc in Business and Economics from Lund University. I have had an interest in horses for as long as I can remember and during my studies in Lund, I was active in Lund Student Riders’ Association, where I have held the position as riding group responsible as well as managed sponsorships and PR. During last fall, I did an exchange semester at Pepperdine University in California and I am truly looking forward to further my experiences in the US at the chamber.

SACC-GA welcomes Jonna to the team


With the rain and warmer weather we’ve been having I think it’s safe to say that spring is on the move. For SACC-GA this means that new trainees are joining the team and we are proud and happy to welcome Jonna André Karlin to the Business Development Coordinator position. Read on to get to know more about Jonna and her thoughts on the upcoming time here in Atlanta!

What do you look forward to the most?

First of all I look forward to meeting the current team at SACC-GA and listen to their experiences from their time in Georgia. I also very much look forward to getting a closer insight into the American business culture, and getting a deeper knowledge of the overall American culture.
I look forward to exploring where Sweden and America differ, where we are alike, and how we can create more business opportunities between the two of us.  And of course to meet Linn, the other intern, who is arriving in March!

What will you bring to your position and SACC-GA?

I hope to bring energy and enthusiasm to a team I know already have a lot of both! I also hope to contribute with my experience as a Project Manager and with my passionate interest for Communication and Sales.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

A more developed understanding of the organizational structures of American businesses, deepen my cultural perspective, and many new conversations!

Tell us a little about yourself!

  • I’ve been a faithful subscriber to the comic book “The Phantom” for many years, and it took me a while to pack and store my collection in preparation for my trip to Georgia.
  • I’m a skilled cook and frequently work as a chef in restaurants around Stockholm.
  • I love red things. My current favorite piece of clothing is a bright red woolen scarf.
  • I have two idols. My Sister and my Brother. My Sister is one of the smartest and strongest people I know. My Brother is my role model of bravery. He is determined and pursues his ambition of becoming an actor.

Once again: welcome to the team, Jonna!

New adventures for SACC-GA trainees

SACC-GA’s fall 2017 trainees have soon completed their time with the chamber and they are both looking forward to new adventures here in Atlanta and back in Sweden. Read on to learn about some of their achievements of this fall and the new adventures that await.


Ashkan Eghtesadi-Azar  — Business Development Coordinator, SACC-GA fall 2017

Favorite memory: When the board members told us how happy and positive they were about our work with the Lucia Gala. It was the first time that I was a part of planning such a large event, and to get that positive feedback just felt amazing.

Like most about Atlanta: Definitely the southern hospitality!

Best learning experience: Meetings with current members and target companies. It has given me an understanding of how business is done in the US and has been very rewarding.

I’m proud of: This will sound slightly patriotic…but I’m proud to have been a part of Sweden abroad for a full year, not only here in Atlanta but also at the Embassy of Sweden in Thailand.

Next step: I’m staying in Atlanta actually. I’ve landed a second trainee position as a project coordinator for cross-cultural teams with Processminer.


Sara von Sydow — Marketing & Event Coordinator, SACC-GA fall 2017

Favorite memory: When Ulrika sang ”Fire” at the first release party we went to at Bravo Ocean Studios. Atlanta has a great music scene and I’m so glad I got to experience it first hand.

Like most about Atlanta: That it’s so international and vibrant. There’s always something going on, there’s tons of great restaurants and parks and places to hang out. It’s a fun place to be.

Best learning experience: When the venue closed 2 hours before our fall wine tasting event. The whole process of cancelling, setting a new date and starting over with marketing etc. gave me valuable practical experience and I learned a lot about event management in the following weeks.

I’m proud of: The fika event we did at Bufab USA. It was the first project with the chamber I managed and coordinated on my own and it turned out nicely. Bufab Sweden even distributed the marketing material internally, which was exciting.

Next step: I will end my internship at the marketing department of Elekta Inc. in January and February. It’s a great opportunity and I’m excited to learn from the Atlanta marketing team before heading back to Stockholm and the Elekta headquarters in March. It seems like the SACC-GA internship truly got my career off the ground!

Lucia Gala 2017

We want to thank everyone who attended the 32nd Annual SACC-GA Lucia Gala at the Druid Hills Golf Club on Saturday December 16th 2017. You are the ones who made this evening special, fun and one to remember!

A special thank you goes out to our sponsors: without you we could not host this gala event. Thank you for your support of the chamber!

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Skanska Lucia

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Glögg mingle at Arnall Golden Gregory

Thank you to all who took the time to join SACC-GA and Arnall Golden Gregory last night for a Swedish inspired holiday mingle.

Delicious saffron buns (lussebullar), gingerbread cookies and wonderful christmas candy was catered by Anna Bringle at Swedish Dreamish. We hope you all enjoyed the evening, made some new connections and/or got time to chat with friends and colleagues in the Swedish-American community.

Happy Holidays,

the SACC-GA team




SACC-GA Wine-Working

SACC-GA’s wine-working 2017 took place on November 16th at the SACC-GA office space at SPACES Midtown.

Wine-guru Brandon Tai, with over 10 years experience in the industry, presented a wide variety of wines and we all tried to “taste the price”. We learned about how a fine wine tastes like it was painted with a fine brush with intricate layers of flavors, while a more inexpensive one might taste more blunt and as if the painter used wider brush strokes. It was a great evening and we wish to thank all of you who attended and participated in the tasting. We hope you enjoyed it and learned as much as we did!


Smart Business – Public & Private Sweden

Hartsfield-Jackson Director of International Business, SACC-GA Board Member and nominee Alrene Barr got the opportunity to join the SI visitor program ”Smart Business – Public & Private Sweden” in October where the importance of CSR, politicians connection to the private sector and universities, and children’s rights were central topics.

The program gave insight into how business can be done in a smart way by involving the triple helix – government, universities and private sector – when creating new policies. The Swedish Model, Children’s Rights and corporate social responsibility requirements in Sweden were some of the topics covered during the four day program in Stockholm. Six international delegates were selected for the program and in addition to the US, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Qatar and Turkey were represented.

The open and transparent culture of Sweden showed clearly on the day where a tour took the group walking straight through Parliament building with no metal detectors in sight. To mix in a bit of private sector one day was spent at the technology park where the Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE, and companies such as Ericsson and over 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities reside.

That the Swedish government has a Minister of the Future, wants to be a driving force on UN goals, has strong CSR policies in place and sees the future as a business opportunity to forecast and invest in were some key take aways from the program. Alrene hopes to be able to visit Sweden again, in July, when the Swedish politicians and parties meet in Almedalen on the island Gotland to promote themselves, meet the voters and hear what they have to say.

The journey’s goal was to strengthen the already existing relationship between the American Southeast and the Swedish community and to expand opportunities for trade and development between the two. Perhaps now a new direct flight is up for debate?