SACC-Georgia Membership Benefits

SACC-Georgia offers a number of benefits to its members. Our members are also invited to participate
in numerous networking, educational and social events throughout the year at free or reduced prices.
With SACC-Georgia’s extensive network not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally, we are
in the position to support and assist companies pursuing business in the state of Georgia as well as in Sweden.

Take the opportunity to join our expansive network and increase your knowledge about Sweden and Georgia!

SACC-Georgia Membership Levels 2016

We offer a rolling membership meaning membership will be effective for a year after payment is processed.

Corporate Membership
$650 – For our mid to large sized companies over 50 employees
Business Membership
$275 – For smaller companies under 50 employees
Individual Membership
$100 – For individual members, not companies
1+1 Individual Membership
$150 – For 2 related individual members, not from the same company
Young Professional, up to 35