Sara Persson

Executive Director

Sara Persson grew up in Karlstad, Sweden. She has a BS in Human Resource Management, with a specialization in Work and Organizational Psychology, from Lund University.

Before moving to Atlanta Sara worked as a research assistant for both Lund and Karlstad University. In those positions she was involved with project execution and administrative support.

Sara has a strong background working with non-profit organizations in project management and event planning roles. She served as a board member and Women’s Lacrosse representative of the Swedish Lacrosse Federation.

Sara moved to Atlanta in June of 2016. She was appointed the Executive Director of SACC-Georgia in January of 2017. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, cooking, as well as playing lacrosse.


Jonna André Karlin

Business Development Coordinator

Jonna André Karlin was born in Stockholm, Sweden but has lived both in the North in the village of Åre, on the West coast in the city Gothenburg and almost three years in Benguela, Angola before moving back to Stockholm in 2015.

Jonna is currently enrolled in an education at IHM Business School in Stockholm where she is the Student Representative on the Board of her program “International Sales B2B”. At IHM she has been involved as the initiator of a Networking event for students and the Swedish Business Community. The event was a success and was held a second time in November 2017.

She gained previous international experience from living and working for almost three years at an English School in Benguela, Angola, this is also where she learned to speak Portuguese. Working with the development and the internal communication of the English School as well as teaching classes helped Jonna developing her interpersonal and communication skills, as well as  gaining a better understanding and a broadened perspective of foreign cultures and organizational structures.

After moving back to Sweden in 2015 Jonna has been working with Change Leadership initiatives and as a Project Manager before starting her education in 2017.

Jonna moved to Atlanta in February 2018 and joined the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce-Georgia as a Business Development Coordinator.


Linn Lind

Marketing & Event Coordinator

Linn Lind is originally from Linköping, Sweden and holds a BSc in Business and Economics. She graduated from Lund University in spring 2017 with a major in Business Administration and a specialization in Corporate Finance.

During her time as a student, Linn gained experience of non-profit organizations through the student association Lund’s Student Riders’ Association, an association for students interested in horses, connecting them through various events. Linn has held several positions in the board of Lund’s Student Riders’ Association, including sponsorship and PR responsible as well as riding group responsible and webmaster.

Fall 2017, Linn participated in an MBA exchange program at Graziadio School of Business and Economics at Pepperdine University in California, which made her eager about learning more about American business culture.

On her spare time, Linn often spends time with her family’s two dogs, and likes to stay active such as going to the gym.  She also has an interest in food and is looking forward to discovering the southern food culture while in Atlanta.

Linn moved to Atlanta in March 2018 and joined the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce-Georgia as an Event and Marketing Coordinator.